Hello future coworkers.
We are looking for new coworkers with either university or college education in construction, machine engineering, traffic engineering, logistics or economy.

Roman Moškotevc

Please address written applications to:
Vzdrževanje in obnova cest, d.o.o.
Kadrovsko-izobraževalna služba
Lava 42, 3000 Celje


Years of tradition and specialization within certain segments of construction allow us to profile specialized staff with a vast and diverse experience. We have a competent team that makes sure our projects from all areas of our activity are executed on a daily basis. Well-being, motivation and employee satisfaction are our goals. We are open to working with competent and hard-working people looking for new challenges and experience.

Human resources development

Quick development of the industry, materials, technologies and general trends direct us into constant gaining of new know-how. Knowledge is the basis of any working success, which is why we constantly invest into education of our coworkers, who are learning about new materials, procedures, legal changes and trends in construction. We pay special attention to the learning youths, who gain their first working experience in our company, thus becoming acquainted with the basics of construction sector.

Working environment

A pleasant and well maintained working environment is often an important measure of well-being, but our work mostly takes us out of our working facilities, we also take care of good working environment there. This is especially true of assuring safety.This is an area that we pay special attention to, either through constant education, internal supervision of compliance with the standards prescribed as well as through examples of good practice from other areas.