The vision

Building and restoring for a life of quality.



Building roads and homes gives the foundation to the lives of every one of us. We want to leave behind high-quality construction and clean environment that will be cherished by the generations to come.

We bring together an experienced team of engineers and operative experts, able to handle the greatest construction challenges. With our knowledge we help clients realize their plans that pose us ever new challenges. We build and reconstruct for you, for life.

Keeping roads clear and in good shape enables the pulse of everyday life, which is why we carry a large responsibility, taking care of them year round. Especially in winter, there is hardly a day that starts without us.

We want to become a construction company with good reputation, in a region with a long tradition of this. With our vision and clear goals we would like to return good name to the construction, which is mirrored in our reference projects.


Commitment to construction and reconstruction

We have the know-how and experience to help our clients realize their concepts and ideas. We advise them what is best for them and thus create mutual satisfaction.

Modern construction

In our work we use long years of experience, which is constantly upgraded with new practices and state-of-the-art materials. Only this way we can stay on top of trends and client’s wishes.

Environmental responsibility

We preserve the environment, keep it orderly and prepare it for the generations to come, which will learn from us. We wish to set a good example, which reflects the spirit of current time and needs.

Employee satisfaction

Skilled expert employees, who love to come to work, are our important key to success. Only they can help us provide satisfaction with the projects completed.

Social responsibility

Redno vzdrževanje


Responsibility towards society starts within the company and is build inside out. We are aware of that with our attitued toward our employees, business partners, clients and environment. We connect and combine that in our everyday work. We construct life for the future generations by using environmentally friendly materials and technologies.


Taking care of the environment

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We are aware that we must protect and take care of the environment, and minimize our environmental impact. We want future generations to receive the world as beautiful as we received it from our predecessors. Any construction waste can be turned in free of charge in our road maintenance units. This waste will be processed and reused in construction.


Taking care of the community

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By introducing advanced technology and with a sustainable attitude toward environment we are constructing the buildings for life, which raises the quality of living in the environment. We realize that many personal and social moments of an individual depend on our work, which is why we take our work even more responsibly.