We are one of the largest construction companies in Slovenia. Considerable experience, expert team, and constant implementation of new technologies and materials allow us to construct facilities designed for a better tomorrow. No day on the road can start without us, no light in the library can be turned on without us, nor can you catch a bus without us. We construct life!


We service more than 2000 kilometers of state and local roads, pavements and walkways in Celje and Koroška regions.


We build roads, crossroads, roundabouts, pile walls, sewerage, wastewater treatment plants, water and gas pipelines, bridges, viaducts, etc.

Asphalt paving

We repair damage, resurface roads to improve driving conditions, construction of new asphalt roads and other surfaces, and fill joints and cracks in asphalt surfaces, which increases their life span.

Road signs and markings

Let us mark and close the road for you, set up traffic signs and equipment or create the road surface markings.

Vehicle and heavy machinery fleet and repair shop

We manage our own vehicles and heavy machinery fleet, which allow us to effectively carry out any projects. Our vehicles and machines are regularly maintained in our own repair shops, which adds to the quality of our construction and maintenance work.