We keep the traffic in Celje and Koroška regions safe and uninterrupted. Throughout the year, together with the winter services, we service more than 2000 kilometers of state and local roads, pavements and walkways. We also restore and construct these structures as part of our for-profit business operations.

Redno vzdrževanje

Summer Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the roads has been our important mission for years and we were given this mission by the Republic of Slovenia. Our care for the uninterrupted traffic in the region includes inspecting the roads, repairing the damaged roadsurfaces, hard shoulders and road signs and markings, mowing grass and cutting roadside plants.

Zimska služba

Winter Maintenance

Keeping the roads and pavements clear is one of our priorities in winter time. We are aware of our responsibility, which is why winter services include many departments of our company that remain on call 24-hours a day, regularly inspect the road conditions, plow snow and spray salt on the roads, sidewalks and walkways and remove snow and ice from them.

Zunanje ureditve


Years of experience in the areas of road construction and reconstruction help us to improve the quality of life in our environment. We have upgraded the reconstructions and repairs of roads with landscaping services, paving the yards, constructing bus stop connections, bike lanes and tunnels for pedestrians, where we take care of everything from earthworks, drainage to constructing the road.

Polaganje asfaltov

Asphalt paving

Excellent and advanced materials are the precondition for high-quality maintenance. Our own production capacities allow us to provide all kinds of asphalt mixtures and concretes. We lay asphalt manually and with machinery, and provide all types of asphalt mixtures and concrete fixtures.

Odbojne ograje

Security barriers

Crash barriers are an essential part of safe road infrastructure. We have years of experience in installing them and thus improving traffic safety.

Zalivanje reg in razpok

Filling joints and cracks

We also have know-how on and provide filling of joints and cracks in asphalt surfaces, which increases their life span.

Road maintenance bases

Road maintenance is done from ten road maintenance bases located throughout the Celje and Koroška regions. Apart from this, the bases also provide complete operating and logistics support to our other activities. More information →



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