Vehicle and heavy machinery fleet and repair shops

Vehicle and heavy machinery fleet

ASP or vehicle fleet and heavy machinery organizational unit is an integral part of construction and maintenance. We provide our customerws with transportation and machinery for all types of construction and maintenance.

    1 TRANSPORTATION SERVICES – We perform transport of all types of loads, either bulk cargo or parcel construction materials. A loader crane vehicle (hiab) is also at our disposal, which enables us to perform even the most demanding tasks.

    • Transportation of construction machinery is importnat for an uninterrupted workflow in different locations. We perform transportation of all types of heavy construction machinery of up to 40 tonnes.

    2 MACHINE SERVICES – Our unit and its fleet of specialized construction machines performs all types of earthworks required for the construction of buildings, from excavations, planning, embankments, backfillings, thickening, etc.

    • We pave the surfaces that we construct or reconstruct with all types of asphalt mixtures. We produce them in our own asphalt bases, which allows us to perform constant quality control.

    • Specialised machinery is used for milling surfaces and side courses of asphalt roads, concrete linings and other surfaces.
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Repair shops

Regular, adequate and professional maintenance of the machinery is one of the basic and an extremely important activity of our unit. Appropriately maintained machines and vehicles form an important part in quality performance of maintenance and construction works, which is why we put a lot of emphasis on this.

We provide constant training for our staff, we upgrade our knowledge, regularly communicate and gain experience. All of these are factors that make our team efficient and keep our service at the level where innovation, an even better quality of work and new systems are born.

    • Our repair shops perform regular vehicle and machine maintenance. Due to the specific nature of construction work, our teams are constantly present on construction sites, where they fix errors and provide an uninterrupted course of work.

  • Maintenance of vehicles and machines is in the hands of our team, which is specialized in mechanic services, and vehicle and electronic equipment diagnostics. Their work facilitates uninterrupted construction and maintenance.

  • Within our unit is the department of locksmith workshops that cares for the maintenance of the winter services equipment. Apart from this their most important activity is constructing bridge fences and building constructions.

  • Our team constantly invests into new knowledge and generates innovations. We combine the established and well tested machinery with new upgrades. This allows us to be more effective at our work.


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